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Courtney June 13, 2013 Community / Announcements

We released version 1.2.17 of our Aeris Weather API to production yesterday. This minor update provides several bug fixes and other minor improvements. For a full list of changes refer to the API version history.  Read entire Blog here.

Courtney June 13, 2013 Community / Announcements

We released version 1.1.7 of our Aeris iOS Weather framework today that fixes several bugs and includes many minor improvements. Some of the major changes include improvements to the interactive map and overlays, adding support for custom map callout views, support for re-adding layers after animating stops and more customization options for interactive map overlays.  Read entire Blog here

Refer to the complete 1.1.7 change log for more details about the fixes and changes included in this release.

Courtney June 13, 2013 Community / Tips & Tricks

You can do a "within" query containing the bounds of the lower 48:


Alternatively, an easier approach is to perform a "search" query where country equals "us":


Note, however, that we do limit the maximum number of results in a single request to 250, so this may or may not contain all of the advisories currently active within a single request. Alternatively, you could request advisories for each state and push them into an array, although this would increase your total accesses being used:


Courtney June 13, 2013 Support / Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible to use the subscription process to “add/renew” the subscription based on changing requirements for daily accesses and even content.  You will see on the first page after you login, a tab called: “add/renew”.  This is where you can modify the subscription as needed. 

Note, the billing cycle is “in advance” so if you subscribe you will be billed in advance for the coming month access.